COISTSCONUS Installation Transportation Support
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* Integrating COISTs with companies and battalions for all major training events.
A COIST is designed to provide intelligence support to a company commander by developing products such as link diagrams, threat analyses, route analyses, and pattern analyses and by tracking and answering company-level PIRs.
The company intelligence support team (CoIST) offers intelligence support at the company level, which is a huge advantage when companies are not colocated with their higher headquarters.
Each battalion was allocated a hardstand building with four rooms for its CoIST cells requiring roughly four SIPRNet connections including Tactical Ground Reporting System , SVOIP phone, Advanced SINCGARS Improvement Program radio-simulator, and a workstation for e-mail and chat capability.
Specifically, between redeployment from Operation Inherent Resolve through JRTC Rotation 18-06, 2/82 restructured how it considered its multifunction teams and its COISTs. Unlike the above transformation, necessitated by survivability, this one is more a discussion of efficiency.
CI2C provided IED simulators that were used in the live environment, and they were key contributors in training our CoISTs in the months prior to the battalion FTX.
Gate 2 is designed to certify the brigade intelligence support element (BISE), with HCTs, Prophet teams, MFTs, or COISTs supporting their respective companies.
CoISTs were instrumental in collecting and analyzing the information from their area of operations.
Those nested methods are: NATO Human Network Analysis and Support to Targeting (HNAT), Attack the Network (AtN) which has been expanded and re-named Network Engagement (NE), and Company Intelligence Support Team (COIST) processes (see Figure 3).
Forming a COIST from within the company was hard, but forming a staff was nearly impossible and detracted from the COIST.
One of the current challenges involving COISTs stems from an overall military shift.
Each COIST was separated from its Battalion S2 and worked almost side by side to their sister COISTs from the same battalion.