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After sandblasting with [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3], scratches with sharp cracks were seen, and when sandblasted with CoJet, the changed surface coated with silica was observed (Figures 5(c)-5(f)).
Two sandblasting materials (CoJet and aluminum oxide) were used to increase the surface area for microretentive bonding, and three primers (silane as a porcelain primer, Zirconia Prime Plus as a zirconia primer, and a universal bond containing MDP and silane) were additionally used to induce chemical bonding.
In addition, when comparing AL-ZPP (Figure 6(a)) and CO-ZPP (Figure 6(b)), which shows the combined effect of (i) and (ii), CO-ZPP resulted in lower bond strength than AL-ZPP before thermocycling as the zirconia surface that binds with ZPP was partially covered by silica coating after CoJet treatment, and ZPP alone does not contain silane that is able to bond with Si[O.sub.2].
Our results show a high shear bond strength even in CoJet treated, silica-coated zirconia.
The CoJet and silane treatment group showed high bond strength and there was a large of amount of resin remaining on the zirconia surface (p < 0.05, Figures 4(a)-4(d)).
The SEM images were taken to examine the change in zirconia surface before sintering, after sintering, and after sandblasting by two different materials, [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] and CoJet. Unlike other dental materials, zirconia has a crystalline structure change from stable monoclinic crystalline structure to tetragonal phase through phase transition when sintered at 1500[degrees]C [8].
(a) Zirconia surface before sintering; (b) zirconia surface after sintering; (c) [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3] sandblasting after sintering; and (d) CoJet (Si[O.sub.2] -coated [Al.sub.2][O.sub.3]) sandblasting after sintering.
Companies which offer digital printing technology in the United States include Anderson America, which offers the CoJet Series, and Stiles Machinery, which distributes the Wemhoner MasterDigital line.
Using UV-curable inks, the large format CoJet printer is capable of printing up to 720 dpi graphics in color, white and translucent patterns.