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The City of Joburg (CoJ) has launched an exciting and far-reaching strategy to establish itself as a food manufacturing and agro-processing hub.
Therefore, the purpose of the present research is to analyze the psychometric properties of the Spanish version of COJS in a sample of Spanish employees from service sector.
Missing data on COJS items were about 8%, and 5% with only one item missing, 1.8% with 2 to 4 missing items, and 1.8% with more than 8 missing items.
The adaptation of the COJS to Spanish was done taking into account the international methodological standards recommended by the ITC when adapting an instrument to a foreign language (Hambleton et al., 2005; Muniz & Bartram, 2007).
Finally, to explore concurrent validity, the four justice dimensions were correlated with the incivility scale and the dimensions of job satisfaction, and six multiple regression analyses were performed considering as predictors the four COJS subscales, and as dependent variables the incivility and job satisfaction scales.
Apart from fully confluent jets (CJs), side jets (SJs) and corner jets (CoJs) behave differently; all of which have common initial, mixing, merging, and combined regions.
The USACIL is eager to assist, and can help both DC and TC analyze evidence, but COJs and senior defense counsel (SDC) cannot automatically expect agents to independently request assistance from specialized units such as the deployable crime scene teams.
In addition to traditional school house courses and the Trial Counsel Assistance Program, the Criminal Law Department of The Judge Advocate General's Legal Center and School has a Facebook account at!/pages/Criminal-Law-Department-Army-JAG -School/215084825230386, a Twitter feed at cand access to advocacy training video through Stetson University for COJs to continue training advocates in the field.
Now you are the chief of military justice (COJ) at pick-a-post and you receive a phone call from a Criminal Investigation Command (CID) special agent.
When TCs have to mentor Senior TCs or CoJs, there is a problem.").
Senior trial counsels (STC), senior defense counsels (SDC), and chiefs of military justice (COJ) possess much more experience, on average, than the TC and DC, but even their statistical data is troublesome.
Co-locating the JAs with the brigade promoted a close relationship between the JAs and the brigade staff; however, the staff judge advocate (SJA) and the COJ located away from the brigade lost oversight of these JAs.