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Drummy 5 Eduwen Butterfield 19 Jacob Wandell Jacobus Schuyler 2 Balthis Jacob Falkenburgh 1 Gerrit Benthousen 1 His Brother 3 Evert Burgardus Nicolaus Burgardus 3 Tham William Feyle Franks Councellor Cordtland 1 Sybrand van Schayik 2 John Neaper 3 Abraham Falckenburg 19 Peter Fasbergh 2 Peter van Bueren Jacob Levy David Abeel 10 Young Phillips Becca Franks Cornelis Clopper Barber Coks Joseph Simson Under Sherrif Borris at Amboy 1 Captein Hull Joseph Hatfield 1 Billy Frensch 2 Salomon Hase Galeesje the Tavernkeeper 1 John Bassith Schates the Dock Master Jacobus Fork Thod [pounds sterling] Bernhart Hartwyk 2 Zacharyas Haas Mrs.
Western coks have welcomed lemon grass, using it in both Asian and nontraditional ways.
Policy intellectuals who prepare recipes for consumer taste should become coks. And government officials who dissent from cold war policy only under a pseudonym, as one did in The New York Times in 1982, should resign.