COL18A1Collagen, Type XVIII, Alpha-1
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Ulteriorly, fifteen module-related DEGs were obtained according to PPI network and modular analyses with a score no less than 4, namely, CXCL2, CXCL1, BDKRB1, LPAR1, CXCL3, FYN, COL6A2, COL18A1, COL13A1, COL5A1, TUBA1A, FDFT1, SQLE, LSS, and CDK9.
In the first case study we end up with the marker genes for (i) the proliferation activity composed of 12 genes, CDC20, TK1, KNL1, CENPE, STIL, ANLN, NDC1, NUF2, KIF20A, PLK4, CCNB1, and CCNA2, and (ii) the quiescence state composed of 12 genes: COL5A1, TGFBI, TCEA2, WNT9A, MMP11, LAMB1, KRT14, LTBP1, PHLDB1, TIMP3, LRP1, and COL18A1.