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COL1A1Collagen, Type I, Alpha1
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3] This study involved molecular screening of material from 47 affected individuals with OI in whom the COL1A1, COL1A1, CRTAP and P3H1 genes were normal.
sup][24] Moreover, miR-29 downregulation and the consequent upregulation of the target gene COL1A1 contributed to Ochratoxin A-induced COL formation and the development of kidney fibrosis.
coli RNA-induced expression of [alpha]-SMA, COL1A1, and TIMP-1 was inhibited remarkably (Figure 5A-C).
Microarray analyses of blood samples from the BF treatment group also show an increase in COL1A1 gene expression.
In addition, at the beginning and again after 12 weeks of Pycnogenol supplementation, each time, a biopsy was obtained to assess gene expression of HAS-1 and COL1A1 and COL1A2.
Association between bone mineral density and polymorphism of the VDR, ERalpha, COL1A1 and CTR genes in Spanish postmenopausal women.
Two yeast shuttle vectors containing human COL1A1 and COL1A2 expression cassettes were created.
Los genes COL1A1 ubicado en el cromosoma 17 y COL1A2 ubicado en el cromosoma 7 codifican para la sintesis de las cadenas pro[alfa]1 y pro[alfa]2 del procolageno tipo I (17) podrian estar relacionados.
The purpose of research is to identify distribution of freauency of alleles of LPH, CALCR, COL1A1, VDR genes and correlation with indicators of BTMD in population of reproductive age females in the Eastern region of Kazakhstan.