COL4Type IV Collagen (protein group)
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Meanwhile, same as the order of the O2-binding activity of CoL ~ CoL , CoL showed the highest catalytic oxidation activity followed by CoL2, and then CoL4 and CoL1, the uncrowned analogue CoL5 showed the lowest catalytic activity.
Several key factors are overexpressed in DN, such as TGF-[beta]2, COL1, COL4, and NADpH oxidase subunit 4 (NOX4).
In NRK52E cells, both TGF-[beta]1 and -[beta]2 downregulated miR-200a, which reduced expression of ECM proteins such as COL1, COL4, and FN, and so did miR-141.
flesh: ] ~, F3, POPE-JOHN, CAP-DYCE3, OXFI-ARD2, BEVI; Flesh, F4, ROWE; ~^ COL4, PELI, EVNS+
The genes, encoded proteins, and syndrome abbreviations are as follows: NPHS2, podocin; DYSF, dysferlin; NPHS1, nephrin; ACTN4, [[alpha].sub.4]-actinin; CD2AP, CD2-associated protein; TRPC6, transient receptor potential cation channel, member 6; WT1,Wilms tumor 1; PLCE1, phospholipase C[epsilon]1; MELAS, mitochondrial myopathy, encephalopathy, lactic acidosis, and strokelike episodes; PAX2, paired homeobox protein 2; LMX1B, LIM homeobox transcription factor 1[beta]; COQ2, coenzyme Q synthetase 2; COQ6, coenzyme Q synthetase 6; PDSS2, decaprenyl diphosphate synthase; ITGB4, [[beta].sub.4]-integrin; COL4, type IV collagen; GLA, [alpha]-galactosidase A; LAMB2, laminin [[beta].sub.2] chain; ZMPSTE24, zinc metalloproteinase gene.