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COLACost Of Living Adjustment
COLACenter for On-Line Addiction
COLACity of London Academy (London, UK)
COLACost Of Living Allowance
COLACounty of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
COLACollision Avoidance (space/satellite operations)
COLACenter for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
COLACertificate of Label Approval (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau)
COLACitizens Organized for Liberty Through Action (Belize)
COLACombined Operating License Application
COLAConstruction and Operating License Application (nuclear energy regulation)
COLAcomp.os.linux.advocacy (newsgroup)
COLACost Of Living Amount (insurance)
COLACentral Oregon Llama Association
COLACovered Outdoor Learning Area
COLAConstant Output Level Adaptor
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About Coca ColaCoca Cola is the world's largest soft drink manufacturer in the world.
But it makes sense for women to cut back on cola if they drink it frequently.
For its El Nino and the Southern Oscillation program, COLA uses state-of-the-art coupled circulation models in an effort to determine the predictability of the climate phenomena known as El Nino and La Nina.
From an actuarial perspective, the proper approach for a typical healthy applicant is to purchase the COLA benefit regardless of issue age, even if a lower daily benefit must be purchased to keep the premium affordable.
Federal civil service and military pensions had been indexed to the CPI in the early sixties, and many lawmakers saw COLAs as a way to compensate for rising inflation huge election-year benefit increases.
So taking the color out of cola creates a perception problem.
To test the cola theory, researchers led by reproductive endocrinologist Samuel Smith at Sinai Hospital of Baltimore assessed the effects of a popular diet cola on bone density in rats, reasoning that many women opt for such low-calorie sodas.