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COLACost Of Living Adjustment
COLAcomp.os.linux.advocacy (newsgroup)
COLACentral Oregon Llama Association
COLACovered Outdoor Learning Area
COLAConstant Output Level Adaptor
COLACollision Avoidance (space/satellite operations)
COLACost Of Living Allowance
COLACost Of Living Amount (insurance)
COLACenter for Ocean-Land-Atmosphere Studies
COLACenter for On-Line Addiction
COLACounty of Los Angeles (Los Angeles, CA)
COLACombined Operating License Application
COLACertificate of Label Approval (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau)
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The Publications portion of the site lists journal articles, technical reports, and conference papers on a breadth of topics, all prepared by COLA scientists.
It is estimated that one-half of current federal pension costs are due to COLAs, and that hundreds of thousands of federal retirees actually receive more money in retirement than they did while working.
While you're at it, you might want to sample Tab Clear--Coca-Cola's answer to the clear cola craze--which is being test-marketed in selected cities as we sip.
Last year the government had estimated its COLA would be 3.
Coca-Cola C2 was created to specifically address their desire for a lower-calorie cola with that great Coca-Cola taste.
The cola wars take on a new dimension this weekend with this morning's planned launch of space shuttle Endeavour with a soda dispenser.