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COLABCoalition of Labor, Agriculture and Business
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The Climate CoLab is an online platform where a growing community of over 50,000 people from around the world work with experts and each other to submit, develop and select solutions to different aspects of the climate change problem.
Our goal with the Climate CoLab is to apply that approach to the problem of climate change," says MIT Sloan Professor Thomas Malone, director of the MIT Center for Collective Intelligence, which leads the Climate CoLab.
Speaking at CoLab, Minister Bruton said: A key part of our Action Plan for Jobs is supporting job-creation across all the regions of the country.
The space has become available because another company on the site -photographic services firm Colab - has moved into a new facility.
Between 1972 and 1978, several members of the artists' group Colab came directly out of the program: Charlie Ahearn, Mike Glier, Jenny Holzer, Rebecca Howland, Tom Otterness, Walter Robinson, and Robin Winters.
Seeking to harness the ideas and knowledge of people around the world concerned about climate change, MIT Sloan School of Management's 2011 Climate CoLab contest asked how the 21st century economy should evolve in light of the risks of climate change.
30, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- Anne and Edson Enriquez, Owners of Limbo Jewelry Design , announced the release date of their handcrafted 2014 Limited Edition Collection, Colab .
6 to attendees of the 2012 sipX CoLab User Conference.
Dave Essex, aged 49, of Wareham Green, Clifford Park Coventry, has worked for 24 years at Colab Digital Imaging in Herald Way, Binley, as a customer care co-ordinator.
TR: The explosion of alternative practices, beginning with Colab and "The Times Square Show," and even Patti Astor's Fun Gallery.
This Award is part of the inaugural Enabling Community coLAB , to be launched by MSF and SG Enable on 5 April 2014.