COLACConfederación Latinoamericana de Cooperativas de Ahorro y Credito (Confederation of Latin American Credit Unions)
COLACCentre for Organisational Leadership and Change (UK)
COLACCommanding Officer Light Attack Craft (Honor Harrington science fiction novels)
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The Colac CBD Revitalisation Project includes major streetscape enhancements along Murray Street from Queen Street to Corangamite Street with improvements to the centre median, footpaths, street furniture and landscaping.
A more sinful option would be to have it with leche flan and colac.
He and his friends then headed to the Colac Bay Tavern, where he was given a bandage, as he was dripping blood, before being sent to Invercargill Hospital.
7) At Colac, the anniversary of separation was marked with maypoles and dancing by 2000 school children dressed as soldiers, fairies, golliwogs and rabbits.
This team are working together with all Health Services within the Barwon South West Region (Barwon Health, South West Healthcare, Western District Health Service, Colac Area Health, Portland District Health St John of God--Geelong and Warrnambool and Geelong Private Hospital) to identify and extract all relevant data held in a variety of information systems, clinical notes and medical records.
The two types of pastries on offer will be colac, a traditionally Romanian bread offered to guests during the festive seasons and Poale-n brau, which resemble the small Cypriot cheese pies that remain a popular choice of snack for thousands of people across the island every day.
23) Dawn Peel, Year of Hope: 1857 in the Colac District, privately published, 2006, 134.
When there is conflicting evidence, we question the trainer, whether it is you, Mr O'Brien, or a one-horse trainer from Colac.
We question the trainers to clarify that - and that's whether it's you, Mr O'Brien or a one-horse trainer from Colac," Bailey said.
Over seven hundred women completed a consent form to participate if they experienced back pain while in labour; 432 women in Horsham and 270 women in Colac.