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In 1960 Theophilus was ordained deacon by Metropolitan Nicolae Colan. He describes in the interview with Metropolitan Anthony how the abbot of the monastery at that time opposed his ordination "for unknown reasons." When Metropolitan Colan finally decided to ordain him as deacon, he explained to those opposing his decision, "He [Father Theophilus] is a man without light [without sight], but illuminated." Father Theophilus confessed, "I believe that this was the basis of his [Metropolitan Colan's] decision to make me deacon, to make me priest." (20) Father Theophilus kept in his heart the words of the Metropolitan before his ordination: "I will not keep you a deacon for a long time, and I will make you a priest.
(1995), habria observado ocho grupos durante sus exploraciones en la Cordillera Colan, no obstante, seria de vital importancia confirmar la existencia de este primate en esta parte de la Region Amazonas.
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What might a project like this look like if it tackled "my" era of Archie comics: the late 1980s when the publisher created a wide variety of genre-based spinoffs, creating space for a series where, for example, Jughead secretly saw a girlfriend who was a female version of Archie, with whom he traveled in time and did battle with Morgan Le Fay, of Arthurian myth, in a series drawn, no less, by notable comics artist Gene Colan?
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