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Cola addicts hardly realize that a can of cola drink is loaded with calories equivalent to 10 teaspoons of sugar.
The cola recipe is among the world's most famous trade secrets.
Cutting COLAs hurts the oldest participants most, as their purchasing power increasingly suffers, says Dean Baker, Co-Director of the Washington-based think tank the Center for Economic and Policy Research.
After taking into account the impact of calcium, vitamin D, physical activity, and other factors, they found about a 4 to 5 percent lower hip bone density in women who consumed one cola a day than in those who drank less than one cola a month.
Coca-Cola Zero "tastes more like a sugar cola even though it has no calories," remarks Mike Cinque, vice president of sales for United States drug stores and value discount.
Doesn't have much of a cola smell and is very watery and weak in the taste department.
It is estimated that one-half of current federal pension costs are due to COLAs, and that hundreds of thousands of federal retirees actually receive more money in retirement than they did while working.
However, the risk of hypertension was about 30 percent higher in women who drank at least 4 cups or cans of sugared cola a day and about 20 percent higher in women who drank at least 4 cups or cans of diet cola, possibly because of ingredients other than caffeine.
is marketing C2 with commercials that use the Rolling Stones' "You Can't Always Get What You Want" and Queen's "I Want to Break Free." Both ads depict people enjoying life, suggesting they are capitalizing on the freedom to enjoy a cola with fewer carbs and calories without compromising on taste.
Retirees like Hall deserve protection, but the federal retirement plan gives COLAs to everyone--former clerks and millionaires alike.
"Coca-Cola C2 was created to specifically address their desire for a lower-calorie cola with that great Coca-Cola taste."