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COLBERTCombined Operational Load Bearing External Resistance Treadmill (US NASA)
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"You are an insolent fellow, and you have not looked," cried Mazarin, very angrily, "begone and wait my pleasure." Whilst saying these words, with perfectly Italian subtlety he snatched the packet from the hands of Colbert, and re-entered his apartments.
Mazarin, every morning, on opening his closet door, found the figure of Colbert like a sentinel behind the bench, and this disagreeable figure never failed to ask him humbly, but with tenacity, for the queen-mother's letter.
It may be judged by this single anecdote, what the character of Colbert was.
"At forty millions, five hundred and sixty thousand, two hundred livres, nine cents, eight farthings," replied Colbert.
The cardinal heaved a deep sigh, and looked at Colbert with wonder, but he allowed a smile to steal across his lips.
"Known money," added Colbert, in reply to that smile.
Colbert was completely thrown out of the saddle by it, and retired, thoroughly discomfited.
"Is not the king going to sleep at Melun?" said Colbert, in a low tone of voice, to D'Artagnan.
Colbert must have been badly inspired that day, to address himself in that manner to the chief of the musketeers; for the latter guessed that the king's intention was very far from that of remaining where he was.
Colbert has been asking me if your majesty does not intend to sleep at Melun."
"It was simply," replied Colbert, quickly, "the fear of causing your majesty the least delay; for, according to established etiquette, you cannot enter any place, with the exception of your own royal residences, until the soldiers' quarters have been marked out by the quartermaster, and the garrison properly distributed."
D'Artagnan looked as agreeable as possible, and Colbert as sulky as he could.