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COLECOConnecticut Leather Company (video game manufacturer)
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The Polaroid case is similar to the 1984 class action suit charging the directors and officers of Coleco Industries with alleged fraud in outwardly promising record sales of its new Adam computer, despite obvious engineering and production flaws which would prevent mass delivery by the promised date.
Furthermore, these regulations were promulgated several months after Coleco Industries, Inc.
Davies used his personal column in the paper to criticize The Courant's business reporters for being too harsh in describing the problems of West Hartford's Coleco Inc.
Cabbage Patch dolls were first made in America in 1982 by Coleco but didn't really take off until 1985 when parents practically staged pitch battles in supermarkets to get their hands on them.
Stephen Beck and Edward Goldfarb of Beck-Tech designed the innards of an electronic hand puppet, Talking Wrinkles, for Coleco Industries' 1986 Christmas toy line.
Kahn notes that some of the larger companies weren't major players until they got unexpected hits--MGA with Bratz, Play-Along with Care Bears, Playmates with Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, and Coleco with Cabbage Patch Kids.
Expect to pay up to pounds 120 for the Coleco Vision system and Intellivision products.
It's akin to the earliest days of the videogame market, when four or more incompatible system were fighting for share at the same time, forcing game developers to choose which systems to back from among names like Atari, Nintendo, Coleco, Mattel, Sega and NEC.
A historical note: Kahn, while a Coleco marketing executive, was a driving force behind the first Cabbage Patch mass amrketing effort.