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COLIBRICorporate Linked Bonds with Return Improvement (investing)
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The Colibri iMX7 (Toradex) Geppetto Module is a SO-DIMM connector and support electronics for the Toradex Colibri iMX7 COM featuring the NXP[R] i.
They are also the leading provider of mobility scooters of Invacare Colibri, Pegasus Pro and Leo mobility scooters.
Colibri is a Canadian mineral exploration company listed on the TSX-V focused on acquiring and exploring properties in Mexico.
The common bean grain yield was higher in the 2014 winter growing season for all genotypes; however, for the IPR Colibri cultivar, this grain yield was similar to that obtained in the 2015/2016 summer growing season (Table 3).
Verizon has also certified Colibri for VoLTE applications on its network, following the earlier certification of Sequans' Calliope Cat 1 platform for VoLTE, These certifications highlight the comprehensive support Sequans provides for advanced LTE features required by many devices targeting the Verizon network.
The Colibri LTE chipset platform includes Sequans' SQN3221 baseband processor chip, which integrates an application CPU running Sequans' carrier-proven LTE protocol stack, an IMS client supporting SMS and VoLTE, and a comprehensive software package for over-the-air device management and packet routing.
De cada visita, se registraron la hora, especie de colibri y especie de la planta visitada, el numero de flores visitadas, el tiempo invertido en la visita y el comportamiento de forrajeo (en vuelo suspendido o perchando).
With zero CO2 emissions and low energy consumption, the Colibri will be the greenest car on the market when it goes into commercial production this year, according to its makers.
COLIBRI A Italian dish B Humming-bird C Naughty child who am I?
1 4G tablet for EUR 399 with the Colibri Explore 15 offer.
The chairs are available in a range of colour schemes, each inspired by tropical birds of Latin America including Flamingo (red and blue), Colibri (blue and turquoise) and Quetzal (green).
GestIC technology achieves the exceptionally high gesture-recognition rates required by today's consumer products through its on-chip library--called the Colibri Suite--of intuitive and natural human gestures.