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COLICContractual capacity, Offer and acceptance, Legality of object, In writing and signed, and Consideration (mnemonic for elements of a valid contract)
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"All this night I had no sleep; but the hunger was now turned into a disease; and I had a terrible colic and griping, by wind instead of food having found its way into the bowels; and in this condition I lay till morning, when I was surprised by the cries and lamentations of my young master, who called out to me that his mother was dead.
There's my wife now, she never has an answer at her tongue's end; but if I offend her, she's sure to scarify my throat with black pepper the next day, or else give me the colic with watery greens.
Immediately a place Before his eyes appeard, sad, noysom, dark, A Lazar-house it seemd, wherein were laid Numbers of all diseas'd, all maladies Of gastly Spasm, or racking torture, qualmes Of heart-sick Agonie, all feavorous kinds, Convulsions, Epilepsies, fierce Catarrhs, Intestin Stone and Ulcer, Colic pangs, Dropsies, and Asthma's, and Joint-racking Rheums.
Born in an auspicious hour, and - but for that colic which, alas!
But I would ask thy Holy One - stand aside, rogue - a charm against most lamentable windy colics that in mango-time overtake my daughter's eldest.
When her young Shaitan's colics are cured perhaps we poor people may be suffered to -'
They ate, of course, apart, and afterwards the old lady, more or less veiled behind a window, returned to the vital business of green-mango colics in the young.
"You told me he was very much in love," he concluded slyly, and leered in a sort of bu colic way.
Habitat: Colic Root is a climbing member of the Dioscoreacea family growing to about 6m in wet woodlands and swampy areas in the USA, Central and South America.
OBJECTIVE: This study compared chiropractic treatment and lactobacillus in reducing crying time in babies with infantile colic.
Methods: This was a prospective observational study, which was conducted with patients who were admitted to our emergency department with renal colic. The study period was divided into two parts: Before Ramadan and Ramadan.
To help educate caregivers about the drops and offer tips about caring for children with tummy issues and colic, Little Remedies has partnered with mother and pediatrician Dr.