COLIPCongress for the Liberation of Ikwerre People (Nigeria)
COLIPCentre of Land Investigation and Planning (Vietnam)
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Baldor gains access to ABB's line of IEC motors, what Colip described as "true European IEC motors.
Colip was paid $490,784 in 2007, including the same salary and incentive payment as Ralston: $310,000 and $15,810.
Also promoted are Michael Cinquemani, executive vice president of Dodge and international sales; Randy Colip, executive vice president of sales; Gene Hagedom, executive vice president of materials; Randy Waltman, executive vice president of operations; Ed Ralston, executive vice president of business integration; Jason Green, vice president of human resources; Amy Schwan-Burdick, vice president of materials; and Mark Shackel-ford, vice president of information services.
Colip, officer, divisional officer, acquired 3,600 shares via exercise of options at $3.