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COLIPAEuropean Cosmetic, Toiletry and Perfumery Association
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Recent upgrades to the instrument validation kit and software ensure that it remains in compliance with the latest standards from ISO and COLIPA.
The company's marketing director, Mike Arthur, said the first they knew of the Colipa standard being promoted by Cansa was in March this year when they were invited to a meeting where Cansa presented a paper on the subject.
To an extent, the mergers of big western companies with smaller players and their place in the market have already begun in Turkey--members of Turkey's Cosmetics and Toiletries Industries Association (KTMD) include most household names, such as Henkel, Cognis, Colgate and L'Oreal, and KTMD is now an associate member of COLIPA.
on Consumer Safety "Opinion on Zinc Oxide (nanoform) COLIPA 576 (SCCS adopted this opinion at its plenary meeting of Sept.
Unfortunately, the test method for critical wavelength is not harmonized with COLIPA or ISO UVA tests, Cole noted.
Bertil Heerink, the director general of Colipa, said: " For over 20 years, the cosmetic industry has been committed to the elimination of the use of animals for safety testing.
It is reasonable to conclude, on the basis of several reviews that have been conducted on this topic, including a COLIPA workshop on mechanisms of eye irritation held in 1997 (Bruner et al.
According to the European trade association, COLIPA, the European cosmetics industry consists of around 4,000 manufacturers, mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, which create employment -- directly and indirectly -- for more than 350,000 Europeans.
RPTL is a COLIPA recognized source for certification of solar simulators for sunscreen SPF testing.
With the European Commission and European Union (EU) cosmetics federation Colipa both offering Euro 25 million, Brussels is promoting its priorities for funding: developing organ-simulating devices; using human-based target cells; defining new toxicological endpoints and intermediate markers; computer modelling techniques; systems biology; integrated data analysis; and scientific services.
By working with licensed direct marketers like our UK partner, we are looking to aggressively penetrate the European market, which had sales of $75 billion in 2005 according to an estimate of cosmetics, toiletries and perfumery sales made by COLIPA, the European Trade Association representing the cosmetics industry.
THE RISK of unsafe nanoparticles making their way over the Atlantic to the European Union in cosmetic products is unlikely through standard channels, but there is a risk regarding Internet sales warned Gerald Renner, director of science and research at Colipa, the European Cosmetics Association.