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In this important meeting the findings of the feasibility study will be discussed and the Friends of the Coliseum will present the shareholders with their ideas for the future of the Coliseum," he said.
In addition to the substantial value of the hotel property (the largest on Long Island) and its additional development rights, Wang acquires a forty-foot wide easement connecting the hotel to the Coliseum.
At that time Don Reid, a City Council member and former head of the taxpayer group Citizens for Effective Government, proposed selling the coliseum to Shinn for about $60 million, more than the debt the city owed on the arena.
This film is an homage to, and celebration of, the magnificent Coliseum Cinema in Porthmadog," said spokesman Aled Jones.
Under the plans, a series of columns holding a steel frame would be built around the rim of the Coliseum, excluding the peristyle end and the press-box area.
In conjunction with this project will be the transformation of the Coliseum and associated state-of-the-art athletic complex and sports training facilities.
The Save the Coliseum campaign aims to reopen the 80-year-old picture house, and ensure it stays profitable enough to remain open for future generations.
Little has changed for the Coliseum since it became clear in late October that the NFL was in no hurry to return to Los Angeles or Anaheim.
Including a 60-story tower, office and residential developments, a public park and amphitheater, an athletic complex and sports technology center, as well as plans to renovate Nassau Coliseum and increase the depth of its bowl to accommodate more seating, the proposed development--released by Wang at the beginning of the month--has been estimated to carry a billion dollar price tag.