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COLLCollision (insurance)
COLLCorners of the Last Layer (Rubik's Cube)
COLLConnection-Oriented Link Layer
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Hainan Province: Ta Hian (AEIC)(Olmi 1984); Yinggeling, 17-20.VII.2010, Chen Huayan coll., one female (SCAU).
In March, Coll also became president and CEO of Nicos after reaching an agreement to buy the company three months after it emerged from bankruptcy with its debt restructured.
"For too long, American political strategy in Afghanistan has been subordinate to military and intelligence operations," Coll wrote in an article for the New Yorker magazine.
Speaking after a session on 'Bin Laden after Bush', Coll said: "Economic integration is the way these things wash outC* India has a promising economic future and both countries would benefit from a negotiated framework between economies."
Chambers was the former CFO for mobile phone software company Symbian and will replace Coll in the new year on his departure.
MATERIAL EXAMINED: 1[female], CHINA: Xinjiang, Tacheng, 20.VII.1955, coll. Shijun Ma, Kailing Xia; 19, Shaanxi, Yanan, VI.1980, coll.
Coll also reports that he had urged a lump-sum settlement with Ms.
PERU, Rio Maranon, [??],[??], IX.1924, Bassler coll. (JTPC); Quincemil, Pena coll., 2 [??],[??] (JTPC).
DAILY MAIL UNDER-18 VASE, Round One: Northallerton College 5 Yarm School 55, King's School Tynemouth w/o Emmanuel Coll, Carmel RC Tech College 10 Haydon Bridge HS 19, MacMillan Academy 37 St Bede's Lanchester 0, Hutton GS 45 Ripley St Thomas School 0, Cockermouth School 18 Whitehaven School 6, Nelson Thomlinson 21 Trinity School Carlisle 7.
Prosecutor Daniel Williams said, 'Coll could not come to terms with Beverley leading her own life.
Beyond the captivating prose, Coll presents an assortment of maps, references, contributor information, and notes from interviews, all of which by themselves are highly informative.
DIVISION II MEN Josh Beers, Northland Baptist Bible Coll. (WI)