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COLLECTConnecticut On-Line Law Enforcement Telecommunications System
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She thought she would hear Philip his collect so that he should make no mistakes when he said it to his uncle.
(2) We can collect together all the happenings, in different places, which are connected in the way that common sense regards as being due to their emanating from one object.
It conducts us to this palpable truth, that a power to lay and collect taxes must be a power to pass all laws NECESSARY and PROPER for the execution of that power; and what does the unfortunate and culumniated provision in question do more than declare the same truth, to wit, that the national legislature, to whom the power of laying and collecting taxes had been previously given, might, in the execution of that power, pass all laws NECESSARY and PROPER to carry it into effect?
Twice had the Annos sought to collect, the first time while Nalasu still retained his eyesight.
'Told me to collect it off the gentleman in the grey suit in the smoking-car.
La Longue Carabine!" passed from mouth to mouth, until the whole band appeared to be collected around a trophy which would seem to announce the death of its formidable owner.
'But how in the world,' he added, 'am I to collect all the wolves of the kingdom on to that hill over there?'
Come on you, too, my masters, tarry not to talk of it I say, come on, we must collect all our forces, and few enough we shall have, if we are to storm the Castle of Reginald Front-de-B uf.''
The first month, when I collected Josie Harper's bill, she poured me a glass of wine.
As China was the grand mart for the furs collected in these quarters, the Russians had the advantage over their competitors in the trade.
"But the money, brother, the money that you collected!" said the Itinerant Preacher.
The next care of Captain Bonneville was to arrange for the safe transportation of the peltries which he had collected to the Atlantic States.