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A Colles' fracture is almost only seen in women who are past the menopause and have some degree of brittle bones.
I was laughing because I knew I HADN'T sustained a Colles' fracture.
After investigating the "science of falling", Giddins developed the guard to absorb 40% of the shock at the point of impact - the heel of the hand - minimising reverberations in the "crumple zone" of the forearm, which is where a Colles' fracture occurs.
Colles' fracture is fracture of the distal radius with posterior displacement, radial deviation and shortening of radius.
I used closed reduction and cast immobilization for Colles' fracture under haematoma block and sedation with similar success as compared to other techniques.
The objective of this study was to assess the radiological and clinical outcome of closed reduction and cast immobilization for Colles' fracture under hematoma block and sedation.
Colles entered Trinity College Dublin in 1790, studied at Dr.
Returning to Dublin, Colles became a Member of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland and, in 1799, was appointed to the staff of the Dispensary for the Sick Poor in Meath Street and opened premises for the teaching of Anatomy and Surgery - Dublin at that time was an important centre for postgraduate students - and was later appointed surgeon to Dr.