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Carlos Molina Mencos, one of the delegates involved in framing the 1985 constitution, argued in the Prensa libre in 1998 that proposed changes were discriminatory and suggested that all that was needed was "that one tries to explain their rights to the indigenous population, but that doesn't mean we need to change the rules of the game." Sam Colop responded, The ex-member of the constituent assembly says ...
There is a return to the history of the book, or to the history of ideas about reading at least, in Anna Lewis's chapter about one of the so-called "common profit" books that is associated with John Colop. As well as taking quotations from the manuscript itself and reflecting on the titles which works are there given (88-89), Lewis elucidates some ideas about reading and textual "consumption" which provide the background to codicological and bibliographical research.
Cambridge University Library Ff.6.31, for example, was financed through the estate of Londoner John Colop for 'a comyn profite'.
(11) Wendy Scase, 'Reginald Pecock, John Carpenter and John Colop's "common-profit" Books: Aspects of Book Ownership and Circulation in Fifteenth-Century London', in Medium vum, 61 (1992), 261-74 (p.