COLRContinuous on Line Registration
COLRConnected Line Identification Restriction
COLRCarrier of Last Resort
COLRCork Online Law Review
COLRCourt of Last Resort
COLRCore Operating Limits Report
COLRConnected Line Identity Restriction
COLRComputerisation of Land Records (India)
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Blood cultures from the recipient were positive for ColR KPC-Kp on day 7 post-operation with the same sensitivity profile as the donor isolate.
Moreover, whereas open access and interconnection obligations may be needed to enable e2e markets to exist, other obligations (such as the COLR responsibilities) and rights (such as limited liability) that are associated with the common carriage tradition are logically separable.
Last June, the Florida state legislature enacted a COLR relief bill (SB 142) that gives a local exchange telecommunications company automatic relief from its obligation to provide service under certain circumstances.
Number of reported petitions that are 0 0 incomplete Number of courts reporting incomplete 0 0 petitions Summary section for all appellate courts: Reported Filings COLR IAC Total A.
"It wouldn't have taken a lot to call me and explain that he'd remove it as soon as he could," fumed Colr Harte.
WEST HAM: James 6, Schemmel 7, Repka 6, Dailly 6, Winterburn 7 (Defoe 74, 8), Lomas 7, Carrick 8, Colr 6, Labant 5, Di Canio 6, Kanoute 7.
"The smartest students of colr were not considered as capable as the smartest white students," he writes, and "therefore would not be allowed to compete with them." The syndrome haunted him--and other African-Americans--into professional life.
Software Publishing Corporation president and CEO Fred Gibbons echoed Mathews, saying that future Harvard Graphics business presentation graphics software will adhere to the projected universal standard for digital representation of colr taht Kodak has proposed.
Moderate heat combined with a delicate yellow colr turning to bright red makes this a favorite.
COLR TechnologyTm is a flexible technology with the colour created, or controlled, by magnetism, hence its description as a magneto-dynamic optically variable feature.
Clairol Natural 26,904 - 20.7% 5.1% (+2.8%) Instincts Clairol Nice 'n Easy 24,250 + 1.5% 4.6% Root Tch Up John Frieda 19,510 -- 3.7% Precision Foam Color Clairol Nice 'n Easy 16,789 + 594.4% 3.2% Colr Bind Fm For the 52 weeks ended March 18, 2012.