COMAFFORCommander, Air Force Forces
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Although the COMAFFOR and JFACC may be the same person, Air Force Instruction (AFI) 13-1, Operational Procedures--Air Operations Center (AOC), advocates the execution of responsibilities through separate staffs but then blurs and confuses the associated C2.
Again, a distributed control construct does not necessitate the transfer of additional command authority from the COMAFFOR, or the CFACC, to the AETF commander.
Accordingly, Air Force logisticians must transform their education and training paradigms to ensure they have the correct expertise to rapidly deploy and sustain forces for the COCOMs and COMAFFORs.
Depending on the timing, type, and severity of an event, multiple Airmen can fulfill theater COMAFFOR, JFACC, AADC, ACA, or SCA roles.
How does distributed control affect the COMAFFOR and all of the other operational command responsibilities (CFACC, area air defense commander, airspace control authority, space coordinating authority)?
* Why does the DM4 work for the COMAFFOR and not the JFACC by whom currently tasked?
We understand from the analogy that the COMAFFOR is the tiger, uniquely authorized to function as the senior and single Air Force voice to the joint force commander.
In practice, the Combat Support Center, located in the Pentagon, is making arbitration decisions for allocations among competing areas of responsibility and COMAFFORs when demands exceed supply.
Joint Publication (JP) 1, Doctrine for the Armed Forces of the United States, notes that "all joint forces include Service components, because administrative and logistic support for joint forces are provided through Service components." (10) The commander of the Air Force service component command is the COMAFFOR.
As shown in the top row of the table, the ammunition control point within a theater, a component (virtual most likely) of the COMAFFOR A-4 staff in the operations support center, has the authority to distribute munitions to COMAFFORs within its area of responsibility up to the level that has been established in the AOR support plan and been approved in the program objective memorandum process.
These C2 features of the regional supply squadron can be accessed virtually by the COMAFFOR A4.
This guidance for a redesign of the Air Force's operational command and control structure emphasized centralized control, placing centralized command and control of airpower at the CCDR level for execution by the theater COMAFFOR (normally also designated the JFACC).