COMAFFORCommander, Air Force Forces
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When specified, ADCON may be shared with the Air Force service component commander or COMAFFOR.
Why does the DM4 work for the COMAFFOR and not the JFACC by whom currently tasked?
Let's start with the basic definition: "The title of COMAFFOR is reserved exclusively to the single Air Force commander of an Air Force Service component assigned or attached to a JFC at the unified combatant command, subunified combatant command, or joint task force (JTF) level.
As shown in the top row of the table, the ammunition control point within a theater, a component (virtual most likely) of the COMAFFOR A-4 staff in the operations support center, has the authority to distribute munitions to COMAFFORs within its area of responsibility up to the level that has been established in the AOR support plan and been approved in the program objective memorandum process.
12) If the combatant commander decides to attach forces, such as an air and space expeditionary task force (AETF), to a JTF, then the AETF commander would be designated as the COMAFFOR for those assigned forces and could be designated as the JFACC (fig.
The RSS personnel were performing a COMAFFOR A4 function as outlined by the CSC2 operational architecture.
Because the COMAFFOR has AADC authority, he or she should give particular attention to providing air and missile defense not only for US installations, but also for critical infrastructure and other assets of partner nations identified on the theater's critical asset list.
Equally important, the separation enabled the COMAFFOR to sustain air logistics support to a myriad of JTF customers.
COMAFFOR (A-4) Director of Logistics--A Doctrinal Requirement for Integrated Air Force Logisticians
The strategic airlift forces moved back under the newly formed Air Mobility Command, while the theater forces were placed under the COMAFFOR.
One should note that the AFCHQ/ WFHQ leverages principles contained in AFDD 2: responsibilities of the COMAFFOR, structure of the AETF, and lash-up of command relationships and authorities already presented in the publication.
Certainly, though, when a USAF Airman serves as the JFACC, then he or she commands independent staffs to support COMAFFOR and JFACC duties.