COMAHControl of Major Accident Hazards (UK regulations which implement the European Seveso II Directive)
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Chair of the COMAH Strategic Forum, Ken Rivers, said: "The Buncefield explosion was a profound shock to the industry.
Cassel Works is a top-tier COMAH regulated site employing around 250 people on site.
Under the COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard) regulations introduced in 1999, Hexion has to produce a plan to deal with emergencies on site and provide safety information to residents and businesses in the area.
En el ambito del riesgo quimico, dicho principio se plasmo en la Directiva Seveso I (82/501/CEE) y la Directiva COMAH o Seveso II (96/82/EC), que reforzo el derecho de los ciudadanos a conocer los riesgos a los que estan expuestos y las medidas de autoproteccion a adoptar en caso de gran accidente industrial.
Both companies must comply with strict COMAH regulations (Control of Major Accident Hazards), which include communication with local people about their safety processes and contingencies.
IMPC services include; regulation and permitting (IPPC, COMAH, REACH), BAT assessment, management systems, chemicals risk management, environmental audit, materials management, information management and GIS, process optimization, corporate reporting and social accountability.
In the UK `major accident hazard' sites are covered by separate legislative and procedural arrangements from explosives storage (although there is some element of overlap), including provisions within the European Union Seveso II or COMAH (Control of Major Accident Hazard) Directive.
The fire service's COMAH team (control of major accident hazards) spends more than PS109,000 each year keeping us safe, preparing emergency safety plans and running disaster exercises for its crews.
The services will include: Project Manager, Architect, CAD, Structural Engineer, Building Surveyor, Quantity Surveyor, Electrical Designer, Mechanical Designer, Environmental Consultant, Forester, H&S Advisor, Risk Manager, Marine Specialist, COMAH Advisor, Planning Consultant.
COMAH regulations were updated this year and while many of the rules are familiar from the earlier 1999 regulations, there are a few major changes, including: the list of substances covered; the need for cooperation from designated authorities when testing an external emergency plan; and stronger requirements for public information.
It will operate as a simulated COMAH site - Control of Major Accident Hazards - and operational procedures will be in force to raise awareness and develop the important behaviours required in industry to prevent and mitigate the effects of major accidents involving dangerous substances, such as chemicals, petroleum gas and explosives.