COMAOCombined Air Operations
COMAOComposite Air Operation
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It was not done without much travelling: for we spent eight full months on this journey, as we had to cross the whole Empire of the Great Mogor: on issuing from which, we entered another Kingdom, which is a little smaller, (27) and is called Comao: (28) however, we had more trouble in crossing it, because we were obliged to make our way continually on very high mountains, which Nature seems to have chosen for the treasuries of her snows, so high are they piled up there; and what inconveniences travellers exceedingly, is that these heaps of snow, which weaken your eyes and your progress, seem [P.5] to dazzle you and to make you slip only to make you fall into awful precipices yawing on both sides of those rocks.
So then, we passed along the sides of those steep mountains, all across Comao, up to Great Thibeth: for there is another Thibeth, called Little Thibeth, (35) which not long ago trucked its idolatry for the superstition of Mahomet, and fell out of the frying-pan into the fire.
The basic plan for employing jamming aircraft under ELITE 2002 was to task a COMAO twice a day that including all elements of air warfare.
In addition, German Army anti-tank helicopters were fully integrated within a COMAO for the first time in ELITE.