COMARECommittee On Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment
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Having defined comprehensive pharmaceutical services within SUS, with a direct impact on its activities, Law 12,401 and Decree 7,508 both signed in 2011, led to the absorption of the Comare functions by Conitec (the National Committee of Technology Incorporation), and Rename became a positive list of financed medicines rather than a guiding list for clinical and management practices.
Comare - the Committee on Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment, originally set up to investigate radiation emissions from the Sellafield nuclear plant - says radiation doses used in CT hospital scanners should be cut to the lowest possible level, to avoid potential harm.
MoD officials failed to attend Comare meetings, at which they have observer status, for 15 months when the report was being discussed.
The Italian word for godmother is madrina, but my fieldwork indicated that the word comare (literally, co-mother) was used for the woman who stood up for the child at baptism, so in the Italian American context, the better translation for comare seems to me to be godmother.
COMARE was set up in 1985 to advise Government on the health effects of radiation.
COMARE professor Alex Elliott said: "Our advice to the Government is there is no need to take into account the risk of childhood leukaemia when planning a nuclear power plant."
was burned exposure in an tanning salon "This industry has been unregulated for too long and the Comare recommendations must be turned into law, either by the Westminster Government or by the Welsh Assembly Government, in order to save lives in Wales."
Comare said the true number of cancer casualties was likely to be higher because these figures were based on 2004 data.
Menato was not a "kinsman" of Ruzante and Betia (42-45); they were his "comare" and "compare" (La moscheta 587, 591 par.
The study was commissioned by the Department of Health, and carried out by independent radiation research specialists COMARE.
The recent Committee on the Medical Aspects of Radiation in the Environment (Comare) report into sunbeds, commissioned by the Welsh Assembly Government, said: "Regulation is required on the commercial use of sunbeds.