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COMASCentral Oklahoma Marine Aquarium Society (est. 2000)
COMASCentral Office Maintenance And Administration System
COMASCombined Orbital Maneuvering and Abort System (NASA)
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Bar Comas eyed the defiant and insubordinate chieftain for an instant, his expression one of haughty, fearless contempt and hate, and then without drawing a weapon and without uttering a word he hurled himself at the throat of his defamer.
Bar Comas had much the better of the battle as he was stronger, quicker and more intelligent.
Bar Comas was stone dead, and only the most herculean efforts on the part of Dak Kova's females saved him from the fate he deserved.
Whether or not someone will come out of a coma (http://www.
Thomas Comas is executive produced by French manager Marc Comas, who, after an initial meeting with producer Mark S.
Nearly two months after Michael Schumacher suffered serious head injuries in a skiing accident and was placed in a drug-induced coma, some neurologists say the seven-time Formula One champion seems unlikely to make a full recovery.
Schumacher met with the accident on December 29 and since then has been in the intensive care at a French hospital, where he is in a medically induced coma.
Former F1 world champion Michael, 45, has been in an induced coma for four weeks and it is reported he is now in danger of being left in a permanent vegetative state.
All the patients whose discrimination improved by the second day of testing survived and awoke from their comas within three months.
The loved ones of the people in comas come on visiting days carrying tote bags containing soft balls of worsted yarn and pieces of dark, bruised fruit.
La coma indica una pausa breve dentro de un enunciado, aunque a veces se utiliza para encerrar incisos, esto es, explicaciones sobre lo que se esta escribiendo: Los soldados, cansados de luchar, se retiraron del campo de batalla.
Wijdricks' occasionally opinionated or eccentric writing voice adds flavor to his presentation of the serious topics related to coma; for example, "The term persistent vegetative state became transfixed in the medical vernacular" and "A recent documentary entitled Coma showed a surreal abundance of pity, sorrow, and loneliness in head injury survivors in a rehabilitation center.