COMBAT EDGECombined Advanced Technology Enhanced Design G Ensemble
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Identifying changing threats and reprogramming EW systems accordingly are crucial for maintaining a combat edge.
The combat experience gained by the components of our one Army can only be hinted at in training: that combat edge, those leadership techniques, instincts and reactions learned by being there have given the Infantry a fighting edge that we have not seen since Vietnam, a fact that potential adversaries should consider.
We want to do this in a way that maintains not only morale and efficiency but also combat edge."
They provide the increase in "Combat Edge" necessary to win the newly defined information war in today's environment.
One final change, and a sad one, is the upcoming retirement of our beloved Barbara Taylor, Executive Editor of this amazing Combat Edge magazine, after 37 years of dedicated service at Langley AFB.
When developing the new camoulage color palette, PEO Soldier wanted to ensure the uniform gave Soldiers a combat edge in each terrain.
Against a backdrop of possible budget cuts, the Air Force will need to find ways to slash costs, or it will risk losing its combat edge, cautioned Wetekam.
In the Spring 2017 edition of The Combat Edge, we started a three part series titled "The Next Level." The first part of this series introduced multiple environmental factors described in the 2015 ACC Strategy, "Securing the High Ground" that drive a significant requirement for our safety programs to adapt and evolve.
Lest I forget those of you in between that made a major impact on my life/career: Lt Col Tony Komatz (former editor of The Combat Edge), Col (Dr.) Al Marshall and Col Lawrence Nixon (both former Directors of Safety).
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