COMBATTCommercially Based Tactical Truck
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While the Army has no requirement for a COMBATT or SORV as of yet, the service and other government agencies may find such vehicles on the GSA schedules attractive for administrative or non-tactical roles.
Army has established its COMBATT program: Commercially Eased Tactical Truck.
The Dodge Ram COMBATT is a multi-mission, multi-role logistics vehicle that combines the performance of a Cummins diesel-equipped Dodge Ram with the flexibility and added features of an integrated starter/generator hybrid vehicle propulsion system.
The Army will conduct 18 to 24 month field evaluations of the Ram COMBATTs to assess functionality, reliability, durability, utility and toughness for military service.
Among the added capabilities of the Dodge Ram COMBATTs are:
The Dodge Ram HEV and COMBATT fill "vocational" niches, but the Jeep(R) Liberty HEV, making its debut today at the Washington show, exemplifies the potential of hybrid technology in a compact SUV, one of the industry's most popular segments.
military's hybrid COMBATT program, for which this vehicle was designed.
8-10; Check Out COMBATT at Traverse City Obstacle Course
Just announced: Dodge RAM COMBATT military truck and previously unseen, Jeep Liberty HEV (hybrid electric vehicle) Larry Oswald, Vice President, HEV Platform Engineering, DaimlerChrysler Continental Breakfast hosted by DaimlerChrysler 10:30 a.
shared the Best in Show award for communications tactics for Lockheed Martin's COMBATTS brochure.