COMBEXCombined Exercise
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Continuous load on the rotors and bearings as provided for by Combex systems increases lifetime of pump rotors and bearing.
The Combex 120 can reach an output of up to 1,500 kg/h.
Contrary to standard off-line systems with low outputs, the benefit of the Combex strainer is its suitability for direct use between the mill and the batch-off cooling system.
For bigger production pieces, Combex can be operated in stop-start or cutter mode.
The Combex system offers clear and proven advantages over the conventional systems, as outlined below.
* Continuous process: Combex can be fed continuously by strip material, and produces a continuous, uninterrupted supply of high precision blanks.
* Cold feed: Combex can be cold fed with strip material, so that an in-line mill is no longer required, thereby saving operating, maintenance and machine investment costs.
* Minimal floorspace requirement: In addition to no longer requiring production space for a dedicated in-line mill, the Combex machine is by itself of very compact design.
Furthermore, for the Combex system, this accuracy is continuous.
* All electric: All powered systems on the Combex, including extruder and gear pump, are electrically driven.
* Accurate temperature control: Standard ram systems feature simple heaters for barrel and head, whereas Combex systems feature temperature control units that can heat up as well as cool down the surfaces in contact with rubber.
A single Combex machine is hence able to process a wide range of materials, including fluoroelastomers, without mechanical modifications being required.