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COMBICenter for Outcome Measurement in Brain Injury (online resource)
COMBIComputer-integrated Object-oriented Model for the Building Industry
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He stated that the combi would act as a form of motivation for more children to come forward and improve school performance.
By contrast, combi systems based on storage water heaters can have issues with output capacity during periods of high DHW and/or space heating loading (Kingston, 2016).
"They are connected to either a mains-pressure hot-water-storage cylinder or a more traditional lowpressure, tank-fed cylinder." Combis are really popular, mainly because they don't need a separate cylinder or tank, which saves space and money, and they heat water on demand, but combis aren't always the answer.
Combis can struggle with more than one outlet used at the same time, so if you're having a shower and someone turns on a tap, water may be diverted from the shower.
"The Tourer Elite is the perfect business shuttle and the Combi Plus is a more generously specified version of our popular Combi.
The successful completion of this extensive and exhaustive evaluation process confirms the performance of the other 100 Combi Predis lines in operation worldwide.
According to the company, the Elecsys HIV combi PT assay is for the in vitro qualitative determination of HIV-1 p24 antigen and antibodies to HIV-1 (HIV-1 groups M and O) and HIV-2 in human serum and plasma.
Included in Combi Lift's scope of work is the lifting and transportation of 12 columns, each weighing 900 tonnes.
Le Combi est construit sur la meme plateforme que la Coccinelle.
GEMO, has adapted its range of products in the area of combi switchboxes.
A member of the Japan Airlines Group, RAC is the launch customer for this new variant of the Q400 aircraft, which features a cargo-passenger combi configuration, and was unveiled at the Farnborough Airshow in July 2014.
Combi Packaging Systems, 800-521-9072,