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COMBSContracted-out mixed benefit scheme
COMBSCustomer Oriented Message Buffer System
COMBSCouncil of Mission Board Secretaries (now Council of International Ministries)
COMBSContractor Operated & Maintained Base Supply
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Graf's latest innovation, the new circular comb series Ri-Q-Comb flex, with height adjustable geometry, a detachable spoiler and a 130Adeg combing surface has been developed for high-performance combers of the latest generation.
John Cornyn, R-Texas, who said Texans "have long benefited from the leadership and tireless work ethic of Susan Combs.
Instead of going out and pounding on doors or doing telemarketing--two things I absolutely despise--I spent time taking CPAs to lunch and kind of schmoozing," says Combs, who was a hospitality major at the University of Missouri.
Following a period of design and development and overwhelmingly positive feedback, the team released the comb to Kickstarter for crowdfunding before moving to manufacturing.
The average comb surface area of the race was estimated based on surface areas of combs built in 111 different log hives.
Combs was arrested Monday for an alleged assault involving a weight-room kettlebell at the athletic facilities of UCLA, where his son plays football, a university statement said.
Here we explore the hypothesis that the fine combs found as grave goods in Arica archaeological sites were produced not only for combing the hair, but above all to mechanically remove head lice and their eggs.
The researchers observed that ozone treatments degraded the pesticides better in new combs (less than 3 years old) than in older ones (more than 10 years old).
The partnership follows Diageo's alliance with Combs Enterprises, which aimed to grow the Ciroc ultra-premium vodka brand.
Steve Haddock remembers every detail about his first ocean encounter with a comb jelly.
Combs told police at the scene said he would seek his own medical attention.
One thing that became clear was that he was going to do things his way until the end," said Tom Terminella, a friend and former business partner of Combs.