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In this study, we investigated effects of titanium prosthesis shaft stabilization with a cartilage shoe in the oval window in patients with COMC who had undergone CWDT operation with the usage of total ossicular replacement prosthesis (TORP) on auditory functions in early and late periods.
Patients of both sexes older than 16 years, with COMC or COMWC diagnosed by preoperative and postoperative audiometry and with indication for middle ear surgery were included.
In COMC, there is a persistent infection and inflammation of the middle ear cavity and the cells of the processus mastoideus.
Although both enzymes possessed malate dehydrogenase activity (converting oxaloacetate to (S)-malate) [13], MJ1425 was identified as likely to be the biologically relevant ComC due to its kinetic parameters (higher [V.sub.max] and [V.sub.max]/[K.sub.M] for oxidation of (R)-sulfolactate by [NAD.sup.+] to sulfopyruvate) and was classified as a sulfolactate dehydrogenase (EC [10, 11].
(2003) was used, which consisted in simulating a 2x3x12 facto rial-type experiment, where the two concentrates: ExpC and ComC, at three supplementation rates: 1=5, 2=6, and 3=7kg [cow.sup.1] [day.sup.1], for each of the twelve months of the year: 1: 12 were evaluated by the DSSTROP.
Outras conquistas favoreceram a consolidacao do movimento e seu modelo de intervencao comc a nova consciencia de juristas e medicos sobre essas questoes; a ideia de que a lei poderia ser aprimorada e ampliada; a realizacao de inqueritos com a participacao de trabalhadores e tecnicos; e o engajamento da sociedade local no controle das intervencoes sanitarias.
(18.) Spohr is known to have visited Paris in 1820 and this publication may have comc from connections lie made on that trip.
Asimismo, la Organizacion Mundial del Comercio COMC) ha conocido de casos sobre la proteccion de tortugas marinas en peligro de extincion, la seguridad de los organismos geneticamente modificados frente a la salud alimentaria y la biodiversidad, asi como riesgos generados por eI uso de hormonas en la produccion de carne bovina, entre otros.
CSPs are short peptides, approximately 17-21 amino acids, produced by many Streptococci from the proteolytic digestion of the comC gene product [20].
Soule agreed to serve as chief scientist, and in October 2009, he and Lizarralde sailed to the Guaymas Basin aboard the research vessel Atlantis to map the floor of the basin and look for evidence that magma had comc up into the sediments Far from the spreading center.