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Aslam is part of a team led by Tilak Hewagama, and the team wants to fly ComCAM - along with a traditional visible-light camera - on a potential CubeSat mission which has been chosen for further study by the space agency's Planetary Science Deep Space SmallSat Studies.
His team is currently working on ascertaining the long-term stable parking orbits for ComCAM that will act as "waypoints," the transfer trajectories to these waypoints and the intercept trajectories, propulsion requirement to get to known comets, longevity of the spacecraft, and so on.
Both of them, TDC and ComCam, round out the expeditionary menu of capabilities focused on the war fighter.
The 1st ComCam Squadron of the 21st EMTF--the only active duty combat-camera squadron in the Air Force--collects, edits, and disseminates imagery across the joint force, even up to the national leadership.
(7) ComCam helps protect the legitimacy of US actions by making truthful images widely available in minimum time.
A few notable additions include the AMLO, ComCam, and AMOS.
The 26 participants, chosen from among those sending portfolios, included eight photographers assigned to ComCam, whose mission cuts across service lines.
The primary mission of COMCAM is to provide the National Command Authority, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, The Military Departments, and the Unified Combatant Commands with a directed imagery capability support of operational and planning requirements during worldwide crises, contingencies, exercises, and wartime operations.
Since its inception the 55 COMCAM Company along with its USAR counterpart (982 COMCAM Company) has served in every peacekeeping and humanitarian role the Army has undertaken.
The authors not only laid out doctrine for COMCAM operations but also for Tactical Video Teleconferencing.
Following the completion of the deal, it will continue to operate as a wholly-owned unit of ComCam.Country: USA, Sector: ElectronicsTarget: 1st Choice Security Solutions IncBuyer: ComCam International IncType: Corporate acquisitionFinancing: Cash & StockStatus: ExclusivityComment: LoI