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Other apps available in Comdev's Facebook series include client networks (first of its kind), notifications, enquiry forms, subscription forms (which include a tool for online payment), image galleries and blogs.
"We are creating Facebook Apps that enable businesses to monetize Facebook, increasing their social network presence, connecting with clients and building a database of prospective buyers with viral effects," said Bryan Gan, founder and CEO of Comdev. "Businesses will always flock to a place where many people gather."
Since 2002, Comdev has provided PHP application scripts for web designers to create database-driven websites, such as content management systems, e-commerce systems, news publisher, blogs, photo albums, newsletters, events calendar, form designer, helpdesks and more.
Considering the positive experience of the FAO ComDev program in its first twenty-five years, why was the discipline not recognised as it should have been during the FAO reform and restructuring process?
It was difficult to find resources for ComDev to finance field programs with sufficient duration to obtain sustainable results and including funds for research and evaluation.
The institutional framework for ComDev continues to be problematic (8).
Within FAO, over the years ComDev underwent a series of different institutional placements.
Although struggling with institutional problems and limited resources, the FAO ComDev Group has maintained a dense program of activities.
The planning of the first ComDev course at Malmo University was supported by the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida).
From the early 2000s more explicit ComDev courses were offered and a growing number of students linked communication and development studies in their thesis work.
(4) The ComDev master's webmag, Glocal Times, was launched in conjunction with the Media and Glocal Change anthology in 2005, with the intent to become "an indispensable digital reference and a vivid forum for the discussion and dissemination of issues concerning communication for development and social change".
But both the ComDev Master in Malmo and the emerging inter-regional research collaboration were, in fact, the result of a series of happily coinciding circumstances.