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COMECommittee on the Middle East (Washington, DC)
COMEChildren of Mother Earth (India and Thailand)
COMECommunity-Oriented Medical Education
COMECenter for Open and Multimedia Education (University of Warsaw; Poland)
COMECentre Odontologique de Médicométrie et d'Évaluation (French)
COMECommittee on Missionary Evangelism (Baptist mission agency; est. 1968)
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Well, all at once here comes a canoe; just a beauty, too, about thirteen or fourteen foot long, riding high like a duck.
Another time a man comes a-prowling round here you roust me out, you hear?
Yet it is hard," she sometimes thought, "that this poor man cannot come to a house which he has legally hired, without raising all this speculation
I will not spend my hours in running after my neighbours every time they go away and come back again.
But I know they will, because it is a family that a certain lady, of some consequence, at Enscombe, has a particular dislike to: and though it is thought necessary to invite them once in two or three years, they always are put off when it comes to the point.
Emma listened, and then coolly said, "I shall not be satisfied, unless he comes.
Bob, seeing as 'twas to come, knocks his hat over his eyes, hollers to his osses, and shakes 'em up; and away we goes up to the line on 'em, twenty miles an hour.
And so they'll say in the resurrection, when they come to fish up this old mast, and find a doubloon lodged in it, with bedded oysters for the shaggy bark.
In this order, the two come up out of Tom-all-Alone's into the broad rays of the sunlight and the purer air.
I am thinking now of river ports I have seen - of Antwerp, for instance; of Nantes or Bordeaux, or even old Rouen, where the night-watchmen of ships, elbows on rail, gaze at shop-windows and brilliant cafes, and see the audience go in and come out of the opera-house.
Robin, too, comes home, and after loving greetings, listens to the tale of the hunt.
Bill Withers and his brother Jack come along by, talking, and Jack says: