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They result in damage or death of stem cells that renew the outermost part of the comea. If left untreated, they often cause compromised vision or blindness.
The Scholarship will be used to support young students of Cape Cod and the Islands."To die, to sleep uTo sleep, perchance to dream u ay, there's the rub,For in this sleep of death what dreams may comea"Hamlet, William Shakespeare, Act 3 Scene 1
SHEIKHA HANADI HAS comea long way since her days as a lecturing assistant in the Economics Department of Qatar University.
The statement comea a few weeks ahead of planned protests for 30 June and amid an already-ailing economy one year into President Mohamed Morsi's tenure.
The two have comea long way and no point should the two be separated because one is dead.
"He wonhis first two races verye asilyand soIl eth im comea longg ently anddidn 'tg et stucki ntohim."
It has generally been thought that this transformation is triggered by chemical and physical influences from other tissues, such as lens or comea, but some, including the father of experimental embryology, Hans Spemann, have suggested that perhaps external induction or force is not necessary.
"People write the most lovely letters and everyone says there will comea time when youwill look back and youwill feel happy at his life and you will remember the good things and not just being sad at his death," he said."I know that will come.
The seductively dark wine, with an oaky basketful of berries bursting through to a soft, round finish, was a delicious starting point, and the menu promised even better things to comea and they did.