COMELECCommission on Elections
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We don't need to reschedule the barangay elections if Malacanang fills in the Comelec vacant positions.
The Comelec should rule on the motion of reconsideration filed by Gomez so the verification of the signatures in the recall petition would proceed and the people of San Juan would decide who would be their mayor through the recall election, the protesters said.
There are still a lot of strange things going on in the Comelec, not the least of which is its close bond with the dodgy Venezuelan company Smartmatic, the provider of the voting machines used in the last elections and whose reliability is so much still in question until today.
In contrast, the most objectionable proposal I've come across (with regard to the Comelec anyway) is the move to do away with a national (or federal) level Comelec, while having each region (or state) establish its own electoral management body (EMB).
AES Watch took exception of the Comelec's recent decision to declare the poll victors even if the Comelec had yet to comply with conditions such as achieving the necessary number of votes.
The video was posted last February 5 and uploaded by Comelec spokesperson James Jimenez with the title, 'Kathryn Bernardo thinks you should run.
The Comelec reiterates its call for the public to participate in the hearing, either by appearing in person or by submitting a verified position paper," he said.
The De Lima bill wants to repeal the provision in the Omnibus Election Code (Republic Act 881) requiring the Comelec to rely on LGUs for its field offices.
Considering that the broader public interacts with the Comelec almost exclusively at the level of these front-line officers, far below the level of official policy, the practice of enunciating only what the resolutions contained and putting off detailed questions as to how those policies operated in actual practice, caused many information gaps to emerge and be left unaddressed.
Comelec Commission Elias Yusoph said that Aquino wanted exemption from Comelec's gun ban to be able to carry his pistol/glock caliber .
Lim also said the Comelec had no budget for a Charter change plebiscite.
One of the two petitions filed by Poe's camp challenged the Comelec First Division ruling while the second petition assailed the Comelec Second Division ruling.