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It tickles the barkeeper till he can't rest, it makes a charming lark for the young folks, it don't do anybody any harm, it don't cost a rap, and it keeps up the place's reputation for making all comers happy and content.
Your majesty gives me an idle trade, which the first comer would perform for four thousand livres.
He saw - Indian bungalows are open through and through the Englishman return to a small dressing-room, in a comer of the veranda, that was half office, littered with papers and despatch- boxes, and sit down to study Mahbub Ali's message.
The princess begged and prayed; but the king said, 'I have sworn to give you to the first comer, and I will keep my word.
Shaw's eye turned toward the comer of the fire where grandma used to sit.
One more round of mead or ale and the score to the last comer.
At the comer of the barn he saw the intruder, a mere boy of nineteen or twenty for all of his uniform jump back to escape being run down.
The new- comer, who might have been fifty, and might have been sixty, was grotesquely fat.
While the exterior of the naturalist was decidedly pacific, not to say abstracted, that of the new comer was distinguished by an air of vigour, and a front and step which it would not have been difficult to have at once pronounced to be military.
He is down upon the pavement; and the crowd eagerly gather round him: each new comer, jostling and struggling with the others to catch a glimpse.
There was now a tender yellow moonlight on the river, and the new comer, keeping half his boat's length astern of the other boat looked hard at its track.
You see, they had made those late comers wait in the comfortable waiting-parlor from the time the music had begin until it was ended.