COMESSACommunity of Sahel-Saharan States (Africa)
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These actions, according to him, are facilitated by trade agreements like COMESSA. In transportation there is "a growth in Africa's lane and decline in Europe's lane," he said.
This research dealt with the participation of the Sudan In Comessa Organization which is (The common market for Eastern and Southern Africa).
The research focused on how the Sudan's economic relations can positively achieve benefits from the Comessa, and the regional neighboring countries to maintain peace and achieve rich economic development.
The Comessa Organization has organized collective market between its members which are nineteen countries in Southern and Eastern Africa.
2) To encourage all economics activities morals to raised the standard of living in the countries which are members of the Comessa.
3) To lend collective activities to encourage the international world for investment in the countries of the Comessa.
So to fulfill its aims the Comessa encouraged the active collective work between its members.
1) Good relationship with the member of the Comessa.
Even though the Sudan faced many problems to gain effectively from Comessa because of the war and inability to afford to pay all its shares to Comessa.
Among those who defied the air embargo to visit Libya were Idriss Deby of Chad and Niger's Ibrahim Bare Mainassara - both belonging to countries that had joined the COMESSA grouping mentioned above.
14 representants des Etats membres du COMESSA et des observateurs des organisations internationales et regionales participeront aux reunions.
The COMESSA united currency : purchase 3.7125 sales 3.7322