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COMF examined the relationship between pixels over a selected image area (Pharsook et al., 2011).
For measures of comfort, there is again a direct occupant rating specifically for thermal comfort "right now" (COMF) on the following scale: 1 = very uncomfortable, 2 = moderately uncomfortable, 3 = slightly uncomfortable, 4 = slightly comfortable, 5 = moderately comfortable, 6 = very comfortable.
Even "I st make don't k make butter explai Sinc now w believ "I'm somet with l "He I got "Iw my li tears Gu comf shap Bu favou "So and t "Bu m a size 10 now.
upercar s Jaguar Not only is the XKR so comf drive it fits like a glove, the int smashing blend of traditional craftsmanship and advanced t A rotary gear selector and el parking brake free up space ov transmission tunnel while the instruments are now backlit in instead of green.
A fabulous bright red contrasts with two comf armchair fy custard cream-coloured sofas with the rest of the room's furniture in wood.
Ray et al (1999) administered an attitude inventory on twenty six males and thirty six females in a university business communication course and found that females held more positive attitudes and also reflected greater comf ort i n using computers than males.
This is in line with the psychology of the big lie, so tenaciously advanced by Adolph Hitler's 'Mein Comf'.
Comf. Schering-Plough 2.5% 2,186 Professional ProFoot Care 2.3% 2,011 Adv.
(7.alpha) It is equally true today as it was in ancient times (7.beta) that regularly taken Saunas provide a certain way to a more comf ortable and relaxed life through both its physical as well as its very definite physiological benefits.
"Knowing that I've faced what they are facing and live li d to tell the tale, makes people much more comfor comf table in opening up about how they are feeling, and hopefully inspires them too."