COMIFACCommission des Forêts d'Afrique Centrale (French: Commission for the Forests of Central Africa)
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For example, the COMIFAC council of Ministers recently asked to OFAC to produce a regional synthesis on the impact of the financial crisis on the forest logging companies.
That situation is not specific to Cameroon but suggests that efforts should be deployed in the different countries of COMIFAC to make statistics available for high priority NTFPs to support the decision making process on natural resource management in general and on vegetal NTFPs in particular.
Meanwhile, despite the mixed results on the contribution to the national economy, the forest policy of Cameroon as designed is almost in line with international guidelines focusing on participatory management (for instance the institution of council and community forests) in reference to the International Convention on Biological Diversity of 1992 and the 2005 Treaty of COMIFAC on forest policy in Central Africa.
There is little direct evidence that the work of either the COMIFAC or the Sangha Group has brought tangible benefits to local inhabitants although it gave their interests greater visibility.
The Central Africa Forestry Commission (COMIFAC)--a technical arm of ECCAS, is in charge for coordinating REDD+ activities in the Central Africa sub region while ECCAS takes charge for promoting green economy issues.