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COMILComputer Integrated Learning
COMILCommandant Militaire (French)
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The Quadro Comil offers low-heat, low-noise and low-dust performance.
Contract awarded for Comil Filters For Bus, Truck And Camineta Fl-80 (P.
The Quadro range will include a U20 Comil with simulated oxygen analyzing and nitrogen purging.
Through investment in R&D and the ongoing refinement and extension of the Comil design, Quadro has continued to earn its position as quality leader.
Contract awarded for Purchase of coyhaique inmesol 65kva generator filters and parts for mercedes benz bus comil, prov pte easter / / must be completed and attached with the offer annexes 1 , 2a or 2b
A variety of machines, including Koch and Gannomat drill and dowel inserters, and Comil and Doucet clamps, are used in the process.
Ytron-Quadro, who supplies batch mixers, powder incorporation devices and the Comil conical screen mill, has identified Marlin as a supplier of reliable stainless steel drive packages at comparable costs to the accepted painted motor in stainless enclosure and now offers these as a standard option where the highest levels of confidence, cleanliness and reliability are required.
benz brand / model of comil 1722-1759 - svelto year 2009 of the 10th position of commissioner sof cautin prefecture dependent, as technical bases.
The Quadro range will include the latest design Comil U3 that will be exhibited in the UK for the first time.
Among the equipment in the plant is a recently added Comil case clamp, an Akron 855 edgebander, a contour edgebanding trimmer and a Rover B 7.
Ytron-Quadro (UK), will be exhibiting a number of small scale units from the Comil range of size reduction and Quadro-Vac vacuum transfer units from Quadro, liquid mixing, powder incorporation systems and homogenising units from Ytron and powder sampling devices from Labocontrole.