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COMINTCommunications Intelligence
COMINTCommunications Intercept (less common)
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In the frequency range corresponding to the COMINT band, the use of a spiral or horn can be very restricted because the resultant antenna is supposed to be too large to be used.
Not to be deterred, the 3d PRS continued their quest to acquire a COMINT capability.
(31) Further, at the start of the war, the squadron had no Korean linguists and limited access to North Korean COMINT. (32) In an internal report, USAFSS characterized its SIGINT at the outbreak of war as "pitifully small and concentrated in the wrong places." (33)
For the next three days the ships stayed at Saeki, and the Pacific Fleet COMINT summaries reported that "the carriers are mostly in the Kure and Sasebo and with the exception of a few in the Kyushu area" (56) While this statement could be interpreted as covering all the possibilities, the specific locations mentioned were centers for radio deception, and this suggests that false radio traffic may have supported Hawaii's conclusion.
Unit signal officers (S-6/G-6) magnified the hemorrhage of vital tactical information over the radio because many of these officers were cowed by higher headquarters and tactical commanders into also believing there was no COMINT threat.
Part I of this Note begins by surveying the origins of the ECHELON program and the various means by which COMINT is collected.
That perennial gadfly Accuracy in Media and the editors of Comint are also pitching in.
The RTR 2613 recorder is a grab-and-go recorder suitable for test and measurement, mobile military, security, and government intelligence (SIGINT, COMINT, and ELINT) applications.
Fredericksburg, VA, November 22, 2016 --( QRC Technologies (QRC) announced today that their Wide Band Transcorder, (WBT) 3000 is being offered with support for COMINT Consulting's Krypto 1000 Software.
His vital work extended into the post-war era: Making an undeniable mark in the development of decryption and Communications Intelligence (COMINT), he further developed his interest in computing.