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COMINTERNCommunist International (Also CI or Third International)
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Before the new American Communist Party was allowed full membership in the Comintern, however, its officers were required to sign the "Twenty-one Conditions of Admission." These 21 conditions of admission to the Comintern made it quite clear that the Communists in the Soviet Union would dictate what happened in America's Communist Party.
Traditionalists were eventually challenged by a group of younger, often New Left--influenced American historians, who refuse to see in the history of Communism's relationship with United States workers, African Americans, immigrants, women and others a top-down domination of Comintern directive.
For example, while one reads about how revolutionaries from colonized countries participated in the Comintern, there is no discussion of how they informed its colonial policy.
Hopefully, future intrepid researchers will dive into the declassified (and partially digitized) holdings of the Communist Party and Comintern in Moscow.
As Ole Martin Ronning shows in Red Star, an unwillingness to obey the dictates of the Comintern was evident elsewhere in Scandinavia, where, to take one example, the whole notion of factory cells was alien.
No obstante, la apertura de los archivos de la Comintern en Moscu a finales del siglo pasado ha propiciado una ola de investigaciones que apuntan a una dinamica interaccion entre entidades politicas del hemisferio americano y los organismos internacionalistas manejados por la Comintern (5).
For this reason, especially in the formative period of many party and Comintern institutions, "the East" came to be used for a wide range of political and propaganda initiatives.
In spite of these gaps in the secondary literature he consulted, Bain is one of the few scholars who have used Comintern records for the 1921-43 period; he is to be congratulated for his insistence on seeing the importance of the ties between u.s.
This Partai Kommunis Indonesia (PKI) affiliated with the Moscow-dominated Communist International (Comintern), and was soon the victim of the capricious Soviet policies, dictated by intra-Russian controversies, in particular the Stalin-Trotsky feud.
Moreover, when the Comintern position changed in 1934-35, stressing the Popular Frontist appetite for "labour unity" even if it might embrace cross-class political alliances and uncritical acceptance of working-class leaders in the political and economic fields who were willing to compromise too much, the fate of the separatist WUL was sealed.