COMISAFCommander of International Security Assistance Force
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(5) However, the role of director, ACCE-A, allows the air component unencumbered access to the joint force commander, permitting an Airman to articulate key issues directly to the highest levels of the coalition command structure while continuing to serve as the combined force air component commander's direct and personal representative to the COMISAF. Additionally, as ACCE-A members and liaison officers to the combined force air component commander, we could plug in directly with the tactical-, operational-, and strategic-level planning efforts at the ISAF, ISAF Joint Command (IJC), and regional commands.
(52.) COMISAF Report, supra note 31, at 2-16 & Annex F.
The cable states: "COMISAF stressed that while the situation in Afghanistan was "serious and deteriorating", the mission could still be accomplished with proper resources and a focus on ANSF [Afghan National Security Forces] expansion and partnering.
On September 8, 2010, after nine years of contracting abuses and mismanagement, NATO's International Security Assistance Force in Afghanistan (ISAF) issued its solution, which is set out in the "COMISAF Counterinsurgency Contracting Guidance." This impressive title overshadows the actual text of the guidelines, which say little and fail to address any of the core contracting problems.
President Obama's decision to increase troop levels came after many discussions and meetings with his cabinet to include General Stanley McChrystal, then Commander, US Forces Afghanistan (USFOR-A) and Commander, International Security Assistance Forces (COMISAF), who provided a candid assessment of the situation in Afghanistan.
(9) Here I refer primarily to "COMISAF's Initial Assessment," also known as "the McChrystal Report," dated June 26, 2009.
Sharing all this information is critical to COMISAF's top priority of freedom of movement.
DEP'T OF DEFENSE, COMISAF INITIAL ASSESSMENT (UNCLASSIFIED) 26-27, available at 092100110.html (declassified on Sept.
(33) "COMISAF Initial Assessment (Unclassified)," Washington Post, 21 September 2009.
KABUL (PAN): Four key European international relations and military affairs experts visited Afghanistan on a familiarisation program from April 2-5 at the invitation of the Commander International Security and Assistance Force (COMISAF) General David McKiernan, a statement said Tuesday.
In December 2010, Capt (N) Hawco was selected for a one-year deployment to Afghanistan as an Advisor to COMISAF within his Commander's Initiatives Group Staff.
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