COMITACommunauté de l'Isolation Thermique et Acoustique (French: Fellowship of Thermal and Acoustic Insulation; Belgium)
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The Comita Centuriata, the general assembly consisting of patricians and plebeians, advised the king on military matters and elected the senior magistrates.
[32] Anderson, G.C., Comita, G.W., and Heg, V.E., 1955., A note on the Phytoplankton and Zooplankton relationship in two lakes of Washington.
(23) "Con la fumigacion hace lo mismo que le pasa a las hormigas: las hormigas se matan y las que quedan construyen mas adelantito su comita otra vez y asi hacemos nosotros con lo poquito que le quedaba.
Aceasta face ca aplicarea sanctiunilor contraventionale prevazute de Legea 61/1991 sa nu produca efectul preventiv scontat, acela de a determina abtinerea celor predispusi, sa mai comita astfel de fapte.
Yves Delorme is a member of the ComitA Colbert, an elected association of the most famous names in French luxury goods.
Collections were taken weekly in El Comita n from 1200-1400 h, from August 2000-June 2001.