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And because after an Offence comitted it is impossible to make that to be infectum quod semel factum (a) est [undone which is once done]; And repentance which consist (b) in Sorrow for Sin comitted, and a frme purpose not to do the like, it (c) is as much as can be possibly done, as it were to render that infectum quod semel factum, for it is a returning into the way of duty & obedience therefore repentance after an Offence committed is a natural duty, or due by the Law of Nature;
76r/ resolved, and presumptuous disobedience against his known Laws, impenitence after sins comitted; And (c) a loose and ungoverned habit (d) of thoughts & secret deliberate Motions of the will as being Under no Law, these and such of these are contrary to that Natural law given to Man that respects the Glorious God;
Thou shalt do no right nor thou shalt take no wronge Thou shalt catche what thou canst Thou shalt paie no man Thou shalt comitt adulterye Thou shalt beare false wittnes against thy neyghbor Thou shalt covett thy neighbors wiefe Thou shalt sell a hundred of sheepe to Henrye Hopkines after Thou shalt drawe the best of them Thou shalt sell thy oxen twice Thou shalt denye thye owne hand